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Q2 - Unique, Personal Women's Fashion Now at DAXION mall™

Posted on September 12 2018

Q2 store | DAXION mall™

Q2 attracts modern, urban, independent, smart and fashion sensitive demanding women who look for functional quality with a personal style.

Q2 is a young dynamic brand from Spain, dedicated to design-apparel and design-accessories for women. There are only slightly more than 20 exclusive Q2 brand stores in the World, almost all in Europe and none yet in the United States. Q2's continued expansion seeks a presence in the best streets and commercial galleries of the World.

Wearing Q2 makes You unique. Each item is limited to a couple of hundred for each Collection, distributed throughout the entire world and is not restocked when sold out.

DAXION mall™ proudly presents Q2 as one of our main fashion brands. As the Q2 brand is still relatively unknown in the US, we are bringing Q2 in front of more and more women in the United States, today before you. DAXION mall™ want to bring You moments of the good life, and this is one way of doing it.

We are constantly adding new items to our Q2 store, come on over and take a look.


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