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Fanerista DESIGN

Fanerista DESIGN


Fanerista Design is a new and independent design brand from Finland. The designer couple, Maria and Simon Sundvik, lives near the nature outside a small coastal town, Nykarleby.

"Working with wood, has always been natural to me", says Simon. "Maybe it originates in my passion for being in the forest. Letting my lungs fill with fresh air and enjoy the scent of nature, gives energy and inspiration.", he continues.

Fanerista Design stands for sustainability and a clean environment. "By using our wooden design products, You get a small piece of the Scandinavian nature in your home.", Simon states.

Simon explains, "To keep the natural feeling of wood as close as possible to You, we use untreated natural materials. An example is the Fanerista Design Pegboard, made from plywood, leaving the birch surface untreated makes the wood close for touch and feel. Intentionally, this is an open-ended design approach, leaving it up to You to continue - if You like."

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