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DAXION mall™
moving today's level to the next



For families who benefit from better living solutions, is an online shopping destination with very competitive, beautiful and easy to understand offers that enable movement from today's level to the next.

It all starts with asking ourselves - Is there something better or a better way? That’s how You ultimately move from today's level to the next and that is how we find the solutions, alternatives, novelties and much more that make up our attractive price challenged offers for a Better Family Living.

What do we mean with Family Living? We are thinking of anything that fit inside areas such as fashion, kids, pets, travel, sports & outdoors, home & garden and tech. Pretty wide, huh? But, we are not doing all at once. We try to build gradually, as opportunities arise and our first areas are fashion and home & garden.

Occasionally we test items from other areas too, that's why You may see something not matching our first two focus areas. Consumers, or buyers if You will, participate in the development of our range actively. Buyers vote with their wallets and we read it in what and how You buy. On top of that, we really treasure any opportunity to get feedback in other ways as well. Please share anything You think or other buyers can benefit from.


The idea

Our digital concept works to match identified consumer needs with solutions from selected suppliers. We want the consumer offers to be easy to understand and use as well as beautiful and not only commercially attractive. Of course, this is work in constant development. We also want to differ from the mainstream by finding new and novelty solutions to offer, in the hope that we bring a few new discoveries to curious buyers. We want to be exciting, and this is how we do it.

On the surface, is connecting buyers with brands and vendors. We are able to offer a wide range of options from suppliers in many places to buyers everywhere through an optimized fulfillment process made reality in co-operation with our partners and suppliers. also work to offer a somewhat personalized online shopping experience. After some time spent around You may notice some small things that may not be immediately obvious, and we hope you will like. Please let us know if You think You know what we are thinking of now...


We sincerely hope You will enjoy Your experience,

Björn Snellman





DAXION mall™ is owned and operated by Björn Snellman as a sole proprietor. Read more on our legal pages available through links at the bottom of all pages on this website.