Please take care and retain any and all warranty documentation or certificates that come from the manufacturer with products purchased at DAXION mall™. If you have any issues arising with your item, please contact our Customer Service and we will support and guide you to get help.

If the manufacturer's warranty does not cover your issue, there is a possibility that our limited warranty will.



DAXION mall™ warrant any item for 6 months from the date the of payment according to the details in our added warranty. The warranty covers you in the event of loss of function on any item purchased from DAXION mall™, in case the manufacturer warranty does not cover you and in the cases where:

  • item has lost some or all of its originally intended functionality and
  • the item is not of consumable type i.e. the normal expected life cycle is more than 12 months.


This is a free service product, that gives you an added warranty coverage for all eligible articles and comes included in the price you paid to DAXION mall™.

See more: Added Warranty Details