DAXION mall™ warrant any item for 6 months from the date the of payment according to the below-stated conditions. This warranty covers you in the event of loss of function on any item purchased from DAXION mall™, in case the manufacturer warranty does not cover you and in the cases where:

  • item has lost some or all of its originally intended functionality and
  • the item is not of consumable type i.e. the normal expected life cycle is more than 12 months.

DAXION mall™ will firstly help and support you with utilizing the manufacturer's warranty and this warranty by DAXION mall™ is supposed to cover you in the cases where the manufacturer's warranty does not cover the lost functionality.

This is a free service product, that gives you a warranty coverage for all eligible articles and comes included in the price you paid to DAXION mall™.

The Added Warranty Details

If your item loses its primary functionality we can return up to 100 % of the amount paid for the article as stated on your receipt (paid order). This warranty does not cover the cost of returning the item to daxionmall.com or its representative. This cost will stay on the claimant and is a risk not covered. To enable the warranty a claim must be made. The warranty is limited to the full originally paid amount (100 %) for the item, stated on the receipt (paid order). A payout can be done to the original customer/payer every time a claim is made and complies with these conditions:

  • Eligible items are all products you paid $10.00 or more for and that have a physical measurable function or similar, that makes it easy to judge if the item is fully functional or not.
  • The warranty does not cover the loss of beauty, normal wear and tear, misuse or intentional damage/intentionally caused loss of function.
  • For a claim to be approved, all steps of this simple and straightforward claim process must be followed:
1. The cost of returning the item is not covered and will stay on the claimant.
2. The damaged item must be taken out of use, stored, protected and kept out of obvious risk for further damage or deterioration of its state - pending instructions from daxionmall.com or its representative. It is good practice to document the loss of functionality, damage and circumstances with photographs and/or written observations as early as possible. Better documentation and information will speed up the claim process.
3. A claim process started through this support request form without delay soonest possible after the claimed loss of functionality was discovered. The claim can be in a free format, but must at least state what is being claimed, a relevant item specified and possible to identify, the lost functionality described and a copy of the originally paid receipt/order attached and of course, clearly state who is making the claim.
4. Claims can only be made for the benefit of the person (legal or physical) who originally purchased the item and any payouts can only be made to such person.
5. If it is decided that item should be returned to daxionmall.com, the claimant must send the item to the address designated by the daxionmall.com representative. In some cases, it will be possible to make a decision without a return of the nonfunctional item.
6. The returned item will be assessed on arrival by the daxionmall.com representative after which the item will be fully credited to the claimant or in case it is functional, returned to the claimant on the cost of daxionmall.com.
    • This added warranty is valid for 6 (six) months from the order payment date.
    • Any part or all of this limited warranty is subject to change without prior notice at our sole discretion.